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Without a doubt, moving a piano is one of the most difficult and risky procedures for any trained or untrained mover to pull off in Chicago. Not only are pianos heavy and large, they are also very valuable. Don’t let an untrained piano mover in Chicago ruin your family heirloom. Trust only Joey’s Movers to move your piano whenever you are moving to a new home or business in Chicago. Only Joey’s Movers has the kind of training to enable our moving professionals to move your piano safely and without risking any damage.

It’s the safety and actual appreciation for moving a piano that makes Joey’s Movers the most reputable piano mover in Chicago. Joey’s Movers will move your piano from one location to another, regardless of height. Joey’s Movers always use the best tools and the most professional and experienced employees to make sure that you are totally satisfied. It’s simple; Joey’s Movers is the most experienced and most reputable piano mover in Chicago.

Spinet Pianos

The spinet piano is the smallest of the vertical pianos. The spinet piano has what is called a dropped action. The piano action is the part of the piano that transfers the force of striking the key to the hammer striking the string. In appearance, the spinet and console pianos are very similar. Some technicians charge more to work on spinet pianos because they feel they are more difficult to repair. There are more working parts in a spinet piano than a console, but a qualified piano technician should be able to service the spinet piano at no additional charge.

Console Pianos

Console Pianos

The console is the most popular of the vertical pianos. The action of a console piano sits directly on topof the keys and as with all vertical pianos the hammers sit in an upright position. Once the hammer strikes the string and the key is released, a spring pulls the hammer back to its original position, ready to strike the string again. The action of a vertical piano is usually not as “quick” as the action of a grand piano.

Studio Pianos

The additional height of the studio piano gives it a richness and tonal quality comparable to many grand pianos. The location and feel of the action are also different in a studio piano. Many of the newer studio pianos mimic the feel of a grand piano.

Upright Pianos

The tallest of the vertical pianos is the upright. Today, this term is usually used to refer to the older, tall pianos – Grandma’s piano. There were many wonderful upright pianos made in America in the 1920s – 1940s. If properly preserved, these old pianos are some of the most aesthetically beautiful and durable instruments ever made. The key is “properly preserved”. If not properly maintained, an old upright’s value is limited to a large piece of furniture, beautiful to look at, but nerve-racking to listen to.

Grand Pianos

Petite Grand: About 4 feet 10 inches in length

Baby Grand: About 5 feet 6 inches in length

Medium Grand: About 5 feet 7 inches in length

Parlor Grand: About 6 feet, 1 inches in length

Ballroom Grand: About 7 feet in length

Concert Grand: About 9 feet in length


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