We Provide Moving Tips to Make Things Easy

At Joey's Movers, we offer expert moving tips to make your moving journey hassle-free. With over 100 years of combined experience, our locally owned company is here to guide you through a seamless moving process. We offer both onsite and virtual estimates, provided within 24 business hours, ensuring you have a clear understanding of your move.

As licensed professionals, we've curated invaluable tips to make your relocation stress-free and efficient. See below for insights on packing, organizing, and settling into your new home, making your move with us a smooth and enjoyable experience. Contact us today with any questions you may nave.

Contact Joey's Movers today for more information regarding parking permits in Chicago, IL for moving services.

Prior to moving, review the owner's manual for special service intrsuctions. We can remove traditional window air conditioners. Please note that we can't install air conditioners at a new location for liability concerns.

We offer the following services for moving beds:
  • Disassemble beds
  • Wrap all components
  • Package all hardware
  • Reassemble at the destination
  • Wrap mattresses and box springs with shrink wrap (for same-day moves)
  • Mattress cartons for long-distance services
Please note that there is a charge for packing material. In addition, we also don't disassemble or reassmeble cribs.

Move your wardrobe to your new location for a nominal charge. We offer the following moving services for clothing:
  • Move your clothing (on hangers) into wardrobes furnished by Joey's Movers
  • Delivers clean and wrinkle-free clothing
  • Pack small articles of clothing into suitcases, boxes, or trunks
Our refurnished wardrobes hold about 25 hangers, depending on the size of clothing. For storage items, all clothing should be cleaned.

We recommend emptying any dressers, night stands, armoires, and desks for easier moving. Here are some examples for when to remove your drawers:
  • Move involving flights of stairs
  • Difficult points of egress or regress
  • Large and heavy furniture (emptied and packed into cartons)
For a smooth and efficient move, we recommend making the pieces more manageable so we can get in and get out quickly.

Contact your serviceman for assistance. At Joey's Movers, we can recommend or arrange a reliable service company for your dryers, eletric, or gas appliances. Please note that motors may need to be checked and secured.

We can transport non-perishable foods during the 48-hour pick-up and delivery window. Joey's Movers is not responsible for damage caused by spilled food during relocation. We do not allow perishable foods, ever.

At Joey's Movers, we can transport your freezer appliances to your new location. We recommend the following tips for packing your freezer:
  • Must be completely defrsoted one or two days prior to your move
  • Dry and air out your appliances to avoid musty odors
  • Empty your freeze and plan meals that will use up any perishable contents
  • Contact your serviceman to ensure the motor is bolted

For safety reasons, all glass tops to fridge items should be crated for storing and shipping. For local moving services, our movers will pad them safely into our trucks.

We recommend the following moving tips for your grandfather clocks:
  • Remove all chimes
  • Remove weights and pendulums
  • Secure weight chains tightly to the base
For long-distance moves, we recommend you call a reuptable watchmaker to ensure your clock withstands its journey.

We recommend you keep all valuable jewelry in your possession.

We recommend you keep all valuable jewelry in your possession.

See below our recommendations for moving kitchen utensils.
  • Kitchen utensils should be cleaned and placed into cartons or barrels
  • Heavy and durable pieces should be on the bottom
  • Light items should go on top
  • Add padding to the items to prevent dents, chipping, and scratching
  • Toasters, waffle irons, mixers, etc., can be wrapped individually and place dwith other utensils

See below the best way to move your lampshades.
  • Wrap lampshades in clean white tissue paper
  • Place them in cartons marked "fragile"
  • Do not use newsprint
  • Items can be nested (but please pack carefully to avoid tearing of parchment shades

See below our recommendations for moving your mowers and gasoline powered tools.
  • Gas tanks need to be drained
  • Gas tank oil reserves need to be emptied
Please note that we cannot transport flammable mixtures or articles on public carriers.

We recommend you move your plants and small trees yoursellf, if possible. However, Joey's Movers will transport them given that the pick-up and delivery happen within 48 business hours. We will not accept plants outside of this window. Please note that Joey's Movers has no liability for your plants, trees, flowers.

It is important to defrost and thoroughly dry your refrigerator out before moving. See below how to properly move your refrigerator.
  • Door should be left open for several hours to air after defrosting
  • Remove all pans, trays, crispers, shelves, and removable parts and wrap them separatrely
  • Get your refrigerator serviced
  • If the motor has been bolted down before moving, do not plug it in at your new home until it's unbolted

Joey's Movers will move all rugs from your floors. We will roll rugs to avoid crushing. For storage, rugs must be cleaned. All tacks should be removed from the carpeting before we move items.

Please disconnect stoves prior to pickup and ensure the gas lines are shut tight and capped. For electric stoves, loose coils must be removed, as well as the griddles, deep fryers, and all removable parts. Please pack these parts separately.

See below important notes for moving your television sets to your new home.
  • Check TV sets before moving
  • For some color TVs, you must get serviced before and after moving
  • Remove and disassemble TV antennas from rooft tops

See below our recommendations for moving your tools.
  • For valuable tools, wrap separately
  • Tools can be put into small cartons without wrapping individually

All legal documents, important papers, jewelry, and currency should remain in your immediate possession.

Joey's Movers will move appliances once they are properly disconnected by your service providor or yourself. Please note that Joey's Movers cannot touch electric connections such as gas and water for liability reasons.

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