We Offer Packing Tips to Safely Move Your Belongings

At Joey's Movers, we offer a safe and cost-effective local moving service in the entire Chicagoland area.

When preparing for your move, we recommend following these rules in regard to packing your cherished belongings:

All plastic storage containers must have lids

All boxes, containers, or shoebox sized or smaller, need to be placed in a larger container

All cartons must be taped and securely closed from top to bottom

Put table and bed linens into strong trunks or cartons, lined with parchment paper or clean white paper (avoid newsprint to avoid ink stains)

Mirrors and pictures should be detached from walls, properly wrapped, and packed (we do not take responsibility for damages unless our movers pack for you)

Disassemble beds and securely lock filing cabinets

All medications, personal documents, checkbooks, and more must be transported in your possession

Boxes need to be packed full to ensure they do not collapse when stacked

Fragile boxes must be marked “fragile”

Cartons must be labeled with a list of content and room placement for our movers

Box and wrap lamps and shades separately to avoid tearing or puncturing

All electronics must be properly wrapped and boxes in its original carton (we can provide cartons at a low cost)

Empty all dressers, nightstands, desks, and armoires

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